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Petit Jean Meats
51 Blue Diamond Drive
Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
Fax: 501.354.2283
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Covid-19 Precautions

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Safety is important to us. We are grateful to report that we have had 0 cases of COVID-19 at Morrilton Packing Company.

Some steps we have taken include:
• Limiting access to our facility. Walk-in customer sales have been discontinued during this period. (Curbside pick-up is still available)
• Outside vendors are limited and screened, along with USDA/FSIS Inspectors and Contractors.

 Some of the measures we have implemented for EMPLOYEES include:
• Screening all employees upon entrance.
• Reinforcing good hygiene practices. Good manufacturing practices are monitored at multiple times through the course of each day. 
• Increasing multiple daily cleaning and sanitizing measures for the common areas 
• Multiple daily sanitizer applications to all entry/exit, office, bathroom and plant entrance door handles and pushes. As well as common touch sites on vending machines and microwaves.
• Incorporating protective face shields.
• Stationed hand sanitizers upon each time entering facility. 
• Social distancing encouraged in processing and during break/lunch periods.
• Being mindful and aware outside of work times.  
• Truck drivers will minimize exposure at delivery end, utilizing disposable gloves, which will be removed and disposed of at each stop. 
• Our Sales Team is conducting the majority of business remotely. Use of masks and sanitizer will be implemented if on-site visits are required.
• Morrilton Packing Company has ceased all business related travel
• Ozone generators are utilized in the facility each night to kill any bacteria and viruses (anecdotal evidence suggests effective against corona style viruses)

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