Order early! Our last order day will be December 12, and the last shipping day will be December 14. ALL holiday packages will be shipped with overnight delivery to ensure our product does not spoil due to delays beyond our control. Visit our shipping tab for more information. As always – and especially this year – your support is incredibly appreciated. 
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Petit Jean Meats
51 Blue Diamond Drive
Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
Fax: 501.354.2283
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Why Can't I Find Certain Petit Jean Products Right Now?

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In the face of the pandemic, we have worked hard to produce a high volume of our high quality products in a short period of time – and consequently, we’ve encountered a few roadblocks along the way. We’re committed to upholding the high standard you’ve come to know and love from our products, and we’re happy to say we’ve been able to invest in four new machines to not just meet demand, but exceed it. We’ve also been able to invest in our labor force and add a second shift to ease the burden on our employees – they are our most valued asset, after all. We expect our full range of products to be available in stores again very soon and we thank you for your continued patience.

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