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Patriotic Charcuterie Boards

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Charcuterie Boards are all the rage right now. They can turn a simple snack into a work of art. This Fourth of July, impress your family and friends with a beautiful board filled with your favorite Petit Jean Meats.

Below are some tips to help turn your normal snack tray into a beautiful charcuterie board. 

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           Think outside the "board".

  • You can use anything as a charcuterie board - slabs of wood or fun shapes and letters are available at hobby or kitchen stores. 

    Add Color and Texture 

  • Add some pops of color and make sure not too put too many colors next to each other. 

  • Items like crackers or nuts with different textures can add variety. 

  • Adding bowls of mustard or preserves can help make it interesting.

  • Slice your meats and cheeses in different ways. Wedges, circles or half moons help create interest. You can also cut meat and cheese into fun shapes with a simple cookie cutter for extra pizzazz.

  • Fold or create rosettes with your meat slices are also a great way to create texture.

  • Fill in the gaps with colorful garnish. 

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