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Petit Jean Meats
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Reuben With Pastrami And Swiss


You know it’s good as soon as you crack open the vacuum sealed package because the smell of finely smoked meat hits your nostrils. Each slice is thick and generously seasoned with peppercorns and spices – I couldn’t wait and I had to break myself off a piece! 

I started off with 2 pieces of rye bread and topped it off with a load of  Petit Jean Pastrami. Next, I layered on 2 big slices of swiss cheese… Our family loves to eat bavarian style sauerkraut, so I added that in my next layer.. Close it up with another slice of rye bread.. Slice… And serve! I enjoyed mine best with a dill pickle and some kettle chips. Sometimes you can take a simple sandwich to another level just by using a premium deli meat like Petit Jean Pastrami. Visit them at Petit Jean to order all their wonderful (and delicious!) products! Meats are shipped via UPS and packed with icepacks in a styrofoam lined box.

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