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Fried Bologna Pimento Cheese Sliders

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Author: Milisa Armstrong | Miss in the Kitchen

I grew up on fried bologna sandwiches and I still can’t resist having one when the craving strikes. I love mine on white bread, with American cheese and a nice slather of mayo!

I gave the classic fried bologna sandwich an upgrade and turned it into the perfect party food! I promise your guests are going to go crazy for these Fried Bologna Pimento Cheese Sliders!

I started out with Petit Jean Meats Old Style Bologna and cut it into fourths. I fried it up in a dry, hot skillet giving it that nice char and the crispy edges that I love.

I used slider rolls to make these mini sandwiches and topped the fried bologna with some good southern pimento cheese. I took a shortcut and picked up the pimento cheese from the local market. It’s almost as good as my mother in law’s pimento cheese spread. Use homemade if you have it!

I set these little sandwiches out and they were gone in an instant. The entire family loved them. I mean what’s not to love? Crispy fried bologna topped with tangy pimento cheese, it’s so good!

I made a second batch of these a few days later and popped them in the toaster oven for a quick lunch. I can’t decide which way i liked them best. Amazingly delicious either way, you can’t go wrong!

These Fried Bologna Pimento Cheese Sliders are perfect for any party or family get together. We enjoyed them at our last family cookout and they will be perfect for tailgating this fall!

This is such a simple and easy recipe that you can make for last minute guests or a quick family meal. A classic southern sandwich that is sure to earn a spot on your favorites list!



  1. Cut bologna into quarters and fry over medium heat in a heavy bottom skillet until slightly charred and crisp on the edges on both sides.

  2. Remove to a paper towel lined plate.

  3. Cut rolls in half and top each with 4 pieces of the fried bologna. Top with about 1 tablespoon pimento cheese. Add the tops of the rolls and serve immediately.

  4. For hot sandwiches- preheat oven to 375 degrees. Assemble sandwiches and place on a foil-lined baking sheet. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until sandwiches are heated through. Serve immediately.

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