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Petit Jean Meats
51 Blue Diamond Drive
Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
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Hickory Smoked Bacon (6 packs) - Item #00024


Hickory Smoked Bacon (6 packs)

No question about it, Petit Jean knows how to do bacon the right way. We use only the leanest cuts, which gives you a lot more meat out of the frying pan. While others use liquid smoke, we put our bacon in the smokehouse, giving it a treatment similar to our hams. One other thing: you won’t find any paper thin bacon in a Petit Jean package! We cut our bacon thick, the way it ought to be. Try our bacon once and you won’t want to go back! 

  • 6- 24oz packages
First bought Petit Jean bacon on a recommendation from cousins in Arkansas. Have been buying it ever since. Had a source here in Texas but they havent been reliable lately. Heading for Arkansas this month!!
- A.S., TX
I've eaten this bacon at least weekly for the past 20 years and cant find a better bacon! The flavor is just perfect. If you see this bacon in stores... TRY IT!
- Nicholas, AR
We gave this as a gift to family last year and they are still talking about it. I know bacon is a popular item, but this bacon is the best. Many thanks for a wonderful product.
- Sylvia Walker, AR
I've been using Wright's for a decade, and while I won't swear it off for good, Petit Jean's does have an obviously better protein-to-fat ratio and tastes great. Cooks quicker too, with less fat to rend.
- Sal D'Agostino
This is bacon lovers bacon. Once you try it I doubt any other bacon will ever satisfy your taste buds.
- Donald McClane

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