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Mock Chicken Loaf - Item #00710


Mock Chicken Loaf

We began processing Mock Chicken Loaf many years ago to answer the need for a sandwich meat that tasted like chicken. Back then, the only chicken folks had was what they butchered and fried on Sunday afternoon for dinner.  Our mock chicken loaf still exists and is still quite popular. Made with pork, beef and special seasonings. It is sure to bring a bit of nostalgia to your tastebuds.

  • A La Carte available in a 8oz or 16oz package

  • (Minimum $40 total order when ordering A La Carte) 

This is the best lunch meat my family has had. We have loved it for years. You can not buy it in WA state where we live now. I recently visited AR and brought some home. Very glad to see I can order it.
A man cant ask for more than a chicken loaf and cheese sandwhich. A deer camp favorite. LOVE IT!
- JD

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