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Petit Jean Meats
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Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
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Chili - Item #00060

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You know our chili is good - it's the same recipe we've been using for more than 50 years! Cooked the old-fashioned way---in an open kettle--our chili is just the right blend of chili pepper, beef, and pork. It's pretty hot and spicy and very, very delicious. Use it to cover one of our Cheese and Bacon Franks for the best chili dog of your life! Our chili is ready to heat and eat! 

  • Ala Carte available in 1- 14 oz. package

  • (Minimum $40 total order when ordering Ala Carte)

Petit Jean Chili is the very BEST CHILI I have ever eaten. It has the consistency of the smooth old fashion chili my Dad used to make. I have tried many kinds and even made homemade chili but I still come back to Petit Jean Chili.
- Deanie Cross, AR
Being a native Texan who came to Greenbrier AR to retire 10 years ago , I had to make my chili to get the Texas taste that I so enjoyed . As I got older , making it In large batches became an issue for me. So i found a company in Ft Worth that made packaged block chilli that was very good , but a real problem to get to get here in Arkansas . Then the best answer to my GOOD CHILI issue was solved when I found Petit Jean made a block chili and I tried it!!! It was great every bit as good as the Texas Chilli , and avalible here local in Arkansas . It is my goto chili and loved by everyone . So thank you Petit Jean for such a fine product. I also found your your smoked Chaddar Cheese and it is wonderful as well.
- Dale Wilkins

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