Order early! Our last order day will be December 12, and the last shipping day will be December 14. ALL holiday packages will be shipped with overnight delivery to ensure our product does not spoil due to delays beyond our control. Visit our shipping tab for more information. As always – and especially this year – your support is incredibly appreciated. 
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Petit Jean Meats
51 Blue Diamond Drive
Morrilton, Arkansas 72110
Fax: 501.354.2283
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To Be
Petit Jean

Petit Jean Meat Historic Photo

Family Owned Since 1928

Morrilton Packing Company began as a small meat market in 1928. Edward and Lonnie Ruff delivered meat to customers on their bicycles while working for their cousin, Felix Schlosser. Edward’s grandson, also named Edward, currently serves as President and works alongside two of his four brothers as the fourth generation of Ruff family leadership.


How We Make Our Meats

We still use only the best cuts of meat, quality ingredients and time tested smoking processes to ensure what ends up on your family table is simply delicious. Our recipes and time tested smoking processes are still the same as they were in 1928 and we take pride in never cutting corners to sacrifice that familiar flavor that our customers have come to love.


Still The Old Fashioned Way

Every hickory smoked ham is individually hand-trimmed and seasoned before it enters our smokehouse, where it soaks up the aroma from smoldering hickory chips for at least 16 hours. When you select a Petit Jean Ham, you can be sure that your ham contains no added water and you will receive a ham that is fully cooked, moist and tender, with an incredibly smoky flavor that goes all the way to the bone.


Smaller Company - Quicker Action

Customers have depended on and trusted Petit Jean Meats for 90 years. We take pride in knowing that customers still enjoy the very same products that we started smoking in 1928. Because of our small atmosphere, we are able to make important decisions and listen to and fulfill our customers needs quickly.


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A Message From Our Company President

To our loyal customers and Petit Jean Meats family:

Many of you have called or tried to order from our website and received an out-of-stock message. I had to make the difficult decision to put a hold on our mail order deliveries until after the first of the year. To put it simply, we do not have enough product to ship before Christmas.

When the COVID crisis began, we shifted focus to help provide retailers with essential products. In doing so, our standard Christmas plan shifted as well, and our holiday stock was depleted. Throughout this unprecedented time, we have been sending our products out the door as quickly as making the products.

We are a family-owned company, and we also consider our team members family. Choosing to stop taking orders was difficult; however, our team members' safety and well-being are critical. They have been putting in an unprecedented number of hours since the beginning of the pandemic, working 12 hours a day, 6 and 7 days a week for months.

We want to assure you that as a company, we are resilient. We have had many challenging moments and now can add navigating our first pandemic to that list. As challenging as this year has been, I can't help but also feel incredibly grateful. Grateful to our employees, our customers, and our Petit Jean community. Thank you for continuing to believe in our company and making our products part of your family tradition.

Thank you for your dedicated support and understanding,

Edward L. Ruff

Edward L. Ruff